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  NR SITUATION OF   August 2019 [Current Year]  
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Thailand Monthly Rubber Report – August 2019

August average RSS3 price announced by Central Rubber Market in Songkhla stood at 41.76 Baht/kg, down 14.01 % from July due to the following factors. The global economy is slowing down due to the US financial controls. Furthermore, the forecast on the global economy in 2020, the Chinese economy may slow down while the GDP of the US may significantly drop. Forecast on the world’s natural rubber output in 2019, the output is a slight drop affected by the Phytophthora (rubber leaf fall) that occurred in many Indonesia’s plantations. This is coupled with Tropical Storms which happened in Thailand at the beginning of the year, and drought in Southeast Asia and China. The crude oil market was pressured due to the worried about the stagnant economy. Moreover, it may lead to an economic recession affected by the serious Us-China trade war. Recently, China announced new tariffs on $75 billion in US goods including crude oil, agricultural products, and automotive products. The New tariffs will take effect starting on September 1, while the rest will come into effect from December 15.

      In July, Thailand exported 337,857 tons of rubber, up 3.57 % from June and down 17.51 % yoy, generating export income of 15.7 billion baht, up 1.78 % from June and down 13.87 % yoy. Overall, at the beginning of the year until July, Thai rubber exports reached 2,656,824 tons, down 10.33 % yoy. The YTD export value touched 114 billion baht, down 14.22 % yoy. 
        In tyre sector, in July Thailand exported 11.75 million units of all tyres, up 7.38 % yoy, with the export value of 15.3 billion baht, up 12.62 % yoy. Overall, at the beginning of the year until July, Thai exports of all tyres reached 77.51 million units, up 19.82 % yoy, generating export revenue of 101 billion baht, up 35.72 % yoy.



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