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iconRetrospection and prospection [   March  2016 ]


The current executive committee of the Thai Rubber Association has been in the operation since May 2014 and will complete the tenure in March 2016. The operation of the executive committee is based upon the following principles: 1. To operate on the principle of transparency and good governance 2. To corporate with government agencies and private sector both at local and international level 3. To cherish close relationship with other rubber producing countries, particularly in Asia. 4. To act as a central body between rubber producers and users and solve problems arising in rubber business for mutual benefit of both 5. To build corporation and relationship among association members for sustainable development of the rubber industry 6. To ensure that the members are promptly informed of all the news and information to strengthen market outlook 7. To build a good image for the association to be locally and internationally recognized as well as to promote a good image of Thai natural rubber as a whole in the world market.

The executive committee is pleased and highly honored that all members trust our team in leading such an internationally important private rubber organization. We have continuously improved the operation and developed human resources to serve as representatives of the association and to give good services to the members in an efficient and prompt manner for highest satisfaction of every member. The executive committee is highly dedicated to the operation of the association, with the support from all the members, giving success to all activities of the association.

Throughout the one year time of the operation, the executive committee and staffs represented the association in several meetings, seminars and conferences to voice opinions, solutions and measures to the government agencies and private sector. Some of the major conferences were those organized by Committee on Natural Rubber Policy to solve falling prices, Sub-Committee on lowering government’s performance processes in strategic products (rubber), Working group on national agricultural information technology development, Committee on Rubber Control to give opinions on the enforcement and amendment of ministerial regulation, Agricultural Futures Exchange of Thailand for futures trading development, Sub-Committees of Board of Trade of Thailand, The Federation of Thai Industries, and Thai National Shipper’s Council to present and solve problems on export, labor and transport cost. Additionally, the executive committee also participates in expert panels of rubber and rubber product standard in Thai Industrial Standards Institute (TISI) as well as gives opinions on research and development of rubber industry via the Thailand Research Fund and National Science and Technology Development Agency (NSTDA) and related educational institutions.

Another activity is to participate in seminars as a speaker under the main topic of Thailand rubber industry in local and international stages to make suggestions and policies, and report up-to-date rubber news and information to the members. In this regard, Executive Committee members of the Thai Rubber Association are nominated executive committee members of the International Rubber Consortium Limited (IRCo) and the International Tripartite Rubber Council (ITRC). Additionally, we are also Executive Committee members of ASEAN Rubber Business Council (ARBC). TRA has assumed the posts of Chairman and Executive Secretary of International Rubber Association since 2013. In this regard, TRA is highly honored to have Mr. Paul Sumade Lee, Chairman of Sri Trang International Pte LTD. chair the IRA and Mr. Supadetch Ongsakul, TRA Deputy Secretary General serve as the Executive Secretary of IRA.

The above said activities are the important part of the country’s natural rubber development on the right path. On behalf of the executive committee of the Thai Rubber Association, I wish to thank all members and sectors concerned for the support and cooperation in the development of the association to achieve continued success.

Mr. Chaiyos Sincharoenkul


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