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iconDevelopment of TRA’s Website and Journal [   November  2014 ]


Established in 1951, the Thai Rubber Association (TRA) has been in the operation for 63 years, currently comprising of 57 member companies. As a not-for-profit entity, TRA’s administration is based on the principle of transparency and good governance, aiming at protecting and striving for interests of the member and rubber trade sector as a whole. TRA plays a significant role in cooperating with both public and private agencies as well as international rubber organizations.

Another important duty is to serve the members and sectors concerned with information on rubber, business knowledge and technics from various sources both domestically and internationally through e-mail, monthly journal and the association's website i.e www.thainr.com, aiming at promoting activities of the association to be widely known both domestically and internationally; coordinating with related public, private and international organizations; and providing updated information to sectors concerned.

Having issued journals and promoting the association through the website for over 10 years, TRA has evaluated and improved journals and the website continually to ensure that the information is updated in terms of both content and form, so as to give benefit and satisfaction to the members and sectors concerned.

However, the association expects feedback on the journals and the website to ensure satisfaction. All opinions and suggestions are welcomed so that we can improve our service to be in line with your requirement. We are pleased to be a broadcast medium to publicize news and activities of our valued members in the journal and the website. Please feel free to submit comments and suggestions to the association at the email: tra@csloxinfo.com or fax to us at +66-74-429312. Thank you!

Mr. Chaiyos Sincharoenkul


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